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Today's News

The Living Well offers Healthy Living class

May 12, 2016/Submitted

  The Living Well begins a new class today at 11am promoting a healthy lifestyle. The class will focus on what can be done to achieve healthy living, like taking more steps daily and other small changes.
  Find out what small changes you can make to live healthier today at The Living Well, 7911 Ketner Farm Road in Rural Hall.

Rural Hall garden club hangs baskets

May 12, 2016/Submitted


Hanging planned in Rural Hall

May 5, 2016/Submitted
  The Garden Spot of the World Club members will meet this Sunday morning, May 8, at 7:30am for its annual hanging of the floral baskets at the intersection of Hwy. 65 and Hwy 66.
  "Every year about this time, we have a hanging. It may not be the wild west but there's going to be a 'hangin' in RH", Wallace Williamson, club president announced in an e-mail to the gardening group.
  The installation of the hanging floral baskets at the intersection and around Rural Hall is only one of the beautification projects of the garden club.