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Garden club's efforts provide eye-catching displays

July 21, 2014/Submitted

Fleet Feet visits Rural Hall Area Business Association

July 17, 2014/Charlotte Evans
FleetFeet   Speaking at this month’s Rural Hall Area Business Association (RHABA) meeting, Stacie Bettjes, Director of Training Programs of Fleet Feet Sports in Winston-Salem informed the members about the runner fitness store and its services, including footwear fit, insert assessments, injury prevention and running programs that include coaching runners from beginner to advanced.
  Bettjes covered some injury prevention and aches-and-pains relief information providing tools for RHABA members to evaluate hands-on. Grid Rollers were distributed and shared among the members who in turn massaged themselves, some hitting the floor to experience how the Trigger Point works knots and tightness from muscles.
  “Thanks for inviting me back” Bettjes stated about her return as guest speaker to this year’s RHABA meeting.

Mad Science comes to Rural Hall Library

July 13, 2014/Submitted
  Ever want to see alien testing, bubbling potions, hovercraft demos, or slime making?
  Be ready for lots of fizzing, banging, and booming when guest Mad Science takes science beyond fun to unforgettable. Join the Rural Hall Library at 2pm on Monday, July 14, for this high-energy, cool science extravaganza that will leave you breathless for more. For all ages.