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Town hosts drop-in sessions for rezoning request

January 21, 2015/Submitted
  The Town of Rural Hall will sponsor a drop in session for the Family Dollar rezoning request on Thursday, Jan. 12 from 6pm until 7pm at Town Hall.
  Family Dollar is considering building at the corner of NC HWY 65 and Angus Street in Rural Hall. Citizens and businesses are encouraged to review the plan and share their comments with the developer, Town Council and Town staff.

Elections Office to identify inactive voters

January 12, 2015/Submitted
  The Forsyth County Board of Elections has mailed over 29,000 address confirmation cards. Here’s what you need to know.
  The Forsyth County Board of Elections office has begun its biennial list maintenance process in compliance with North Carolina Law (NCGS 163-82.14). No-contact address confirmation cards have been mailed to 29,095 registered voters in Forsyth County who have not voted or had any type of contact with the Board of Elections since the last two Federal General Elections. These cards will help to identify citizens who have moved outside of Forsyth County and who may no longer be eligible to vote using their existing voter registration.
  Should you receive one of these cards in the mail please carefully follow the directions on the postage paid card and return it to our office within 30 days. Failure to return the card will result in your voter registration record being marked as inactive. This will also apply to any cards returned by the Postal Service as undeliverable. If your voter registration record is made inactive you are still eligible to vote; however, you may need to update information on your record before voting in the next election. Voters who are listed inactive for two Federal Elections will be removed from the list of registered voters.
  Should you receive one of these cards at your address for someone who no longer resides there please do not discard this mailing. In this situation please mark the card “not at this address” and place it back in the mail (no postage required). This helps ensure an accurate and current voter registration roll in Forsyth County.

Houses for Hounds provides free dog houses

January 12, 2015/Submitted
  When evening weather conditions in our area hover in the 20’s at night, your pet could suffer from hypothermia if there is not adequate shelter from the elements. In some cases when there are wet conditions, it could be a matter of hours before symptoms of hypothermia set in.
  If you are a resident of Forsyth County, have an outside pet and need a dog house, we have a limited number of houses to give away! Houses for Hounds program was developed for the purpose of providing free dog houses to lower income Forsyth County residents. For more information or to request one of these free doghouses, you can visit the Animal Control website and fill out the online application form or call 7032480 for more information.
  Also, the Department of Animal Control’s Animeals program assists elderly, disabled or lower income residents of Forsyth County by offering free pet food for their cats and dogs. For more information or to send us an application for assistance, you can visit the Animal Control website and fill out the online application form or call 7032480 for more information.

Horizons Park hosts 28th annual Forsyth County Ice Bowl

January 7, 2015/Submitted
  Horizons Park will host the 28th annual Forsyth County Ice Bowl, a two round, double random draw, best-shot doubles, disc golf tournament. The entry fee is $20 which includes the $1 ace pool, a $4 per person Food Bank donation. On-site registration ends at 9:15am.
  Every player will receive an Ice Bowl Mini Marker and an Ice Bowl Golf Disc for completing both rounds. Ice Bowl discs are awarded in order of finish. An Ice Bowl trophy will be awarded to the player with the lowest overall individual score. Plus closest to the hole prizes and ace pool will be awarded.
   The field will be limited to 72 players. For more information, call Todd Gillihan at (336) 760-1410.

The Living Well continues piecing together puzzle

January 3, 2015/Charlotte Evans
  The Living Well participants continue working together trying to complete a 13,200 piece puzzle "The Last Supper," one of the world's most famous paintings representing the scene of The Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples.
   Everyone is invited to stop by The Living Well anytime between 10am until 4pm, Monday through Thursday to help complete the puzzle.

Website fails to reach fundraising goal

January 3, 2015/Charlotte Evans
  The Rural Hall Messenger failed to reach its fundraising goal for 2014 which will affect the quality of content provided by the website.
  "Unfortunately, response to our 2014 fundraising campaign was minimal and we failed to reach our goal of $1,500 before the end of the year" Charlotte Evans stated.
  According to Evans, the website's equipment (a digital camera and personal computer) were in need of replacement after the digital camera became inoperable shortly after Halloween and the computer, restored three times during 2014, continues to cause problems mainly due to its age.
  For the past five years, the website has attempted to offer to Rural Hall-area residents news and features that may have not been provided elsewhere, such as the Rural Hall coonhound that earned top honors at the 2014 UKC Coonhound World Championship and the Dutch family who were searching for information about a Rural Hall Veteran buried in a graveyard in the Netherlands.
  "It has been most disheartening that more support was not received through our fundraising campaign" Evans said, as she spoke of the disappointing gathering of funds; only 14 percent of the fundraising goal was reached.
  While being committed to the website through June 2015, Evans forewarns visitors to the website that changes will be recognized as fewer photos will be used and timeliness could become an issue as she battles with a dying computer and no longer possesses an operational camera.